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底特律人 (Detroiters)

Comedy Central 7.6 Comedy

首播日期: 2017-02-07,播出时间: Tuesday ,时长: 25分钟

Comedy Central预定由龙哥Lorne Michaels的公司Broadway Video以及Jason Sudeikis共同制作喜剧《底特律人》(Detroiter)。第一季将由10集,由Tim Robinson和Sam Richardson将当任主角,Jason Sudeikis也当演循环角色。该剧看剧名就知道,发生在汽车城底特律

Best friends and fledgling ad men Sam and Tim may not have the money, connections or talent that the big guys do, but they have ambition out the wazoo. Together, they’re out to build a local advertising empire and restore their home city of Detroit to its former glory in this new show from executive producers Lorne Michaels and Jason Sudeikis.

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