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紧要关头 (Crunch Time)

Rooster Teeth 7.0 Comedy Science Fiction

首播日期: 2016-03-11,播出时间: Friday 1:00 PM ,时长: 20分钟

科幻重口喜剧《紧要关头(Crunch Time)》的故事从四个研究生不小心打开一个可以导致世界末日的黑洞开始。一群废柴极客在学校的实验室里鲁莽地处理最尖端的人脑入侵科技,而不小心制造了一个有可能粉碎地球的黑洞,他们的所作所为引起了政府工作人员的注意。由于他们自己无法找出实验到底哪里出了问题,所以必须与政府秘密机构合作,从头梳理分析他们实验的每一个环节,找出问题所在,拯救地球。

Crunch Time begins when four grad students accidentally open up a black hole that could be the end of the world. After recklessly handling cutting-edge tech in their school lab, this brilliant team of jackasses creates a small, but potentially earth shattering, black hole that grabs the attention of government operatives. Since the “wanna-be” scientists can’t pinpoint exactly where their experiment went wrong, they must work with the secret government agency sent in to save the day by detailing EVERY illegal thing they’ve done in the lab thus far.

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