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华裔好姐妹 (Second Jen)

Omni 2.3 Comedy

首播日期: 2016-08-28,播出时间: Sunday 8:30 PM ,时长: 30分钟

Second Jen is a Canadian television sitcom that premiered on City on October 27, 2016. The series is produced by Don Ferguson Productions, and stars Amanda Joy and Samantha Wan as Mo and Jen, two young Asian Canadian women experiencing the ups and downs of being independent after moving out of their parents' homes for the first time. Joy and Wan are also co-creators and writers for the series

In Toronto, best friends Jennifer “Jen” Wu and Jennifer “Mo” Monteloyola decide to become roommates when Mo's parents move back to the Philippines and Jen takes the opportunity to live independent from her Chinese immigrant parents. They move into a rooming house apartment where new friendships encourage the girls to not give up on the challenges of their newly independent lives. (Developed from the 2014 short comedy film of the same name by the same creators.)

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