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前哨 (The Outpost)

别名: 哨站,前哨基地

The CW 5.9 Drama Fantasy

首播日期: 2018-07-10,播出时间: Tuesday 9:00 PM ,时长: 45分钟

CW宣布直接预订10集新剧《前哨 The Outpost》,预定夏季档首播,美国以外地方则在Syfy播出。《前哨》是CW首部夏季档一小时新剧,过去该网只曾在夏档播出半小时新剧。
由Jason Faller及Kynan Griffin主创的《前哨》讲述数年前Blackbloods一族住的村子遭雇佣兵摧毁及屠杀,而女主Talon(Jessica Green饰)侥幸存活后到达了文明世界边缘,立于此处的堡垒里有当年的凶手。在旅程途中她发现自己拥有神秘的超自然能力,她得学会控制它,好保护自己及打败那狂热的宗教独裁者。
其他演员包括Jake Stormoen﹑Imogen Waterhouse﹑Andrew Howard﹑Anand Desai-Barochia及Robyn Malcolm。

Talon is a survivor. The last of the Blackblood race, she also endured the destruction of her entire village by a gang of brutal missionaries. Years after that life-defining attack, she travels to a lawless fortress along the edge of the civilized world, tracking the individuals who killed her family. As she makes the journey, she discovers that she possesses a mysterious supernatural power that she must now learn to control, not only to save herself but to defend the world against the tyranny of a fanatical religious dictator.

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