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依旧永远开门 (Still Open All Hours)

别名: 依旧永远开门儿

BBC One 6.4 Comedy

首播日期: 2013-12-26,播出时间: Thursday 8:30 PM ,时长: 30分钟

Arkwright is long dead and nephew Granville now runs the shop with his daft son Leroy, the result of a one night stand in Blackpool. Granville is just as parsimonious as his late uncle, trying to sell nappy rash cream as a body-building aid and finding a unique way to shift a load of anchovy paste. The handsome Leroy is a hit with the female customers but Granville is having trouble getting back with old flame Mavis, now back on the market, because she is guarded by her fearsome sister Madge. Mrs Featherstone, the erstwhile Black Widow, is very keen to get intimate with Granville - unlike retired nurse Gladys Emmanuel, who has no more interest in Granville than she had in his uncle. However, after a trying day with his most annoying customer Wet Eric, Granville finds that a little attention from the Black Widow does not come a miss.

Still Open All Hours is a BBC television sitcom sequel to the series Open All Hours, written by original series writer Roy Clarke and featuring several of the permanent cast members of the original series, including David Jason, Lynda Baron, Stephanie Cole and Maggie Ollerenshaw

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