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切尔西制造 (Made in Chelsea)(3.0)

Season 19

1. I Need My Binky Back(0.0) 播出日期: 2020-03-23
2. I Like Playing In The Danger Zone(0.0) 播出日期: 2020-03-30
3. I Don't Care If It's My Battle Or Not(0.0) 播出日期: 2020-04-06
4. If You're Secure In Your Relationship, It Shouldn't Be An Issue(0.0) 播出日期: 2020-04-13
5. 99% Of The Population Will Understand What I'm Saying(0.0) 播出日期: 2020-04-20
6. She Doesn't Trust Him To Be Around Me(0.0) 播出日期: 2020-04-27