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老大哥(美版) (Big Brother (US))(5.3)

第3季第29集 BB3 Ep #29(0.0)

播出日期: 2002-09-18
Amy and Lisa take their nominations well. Lisa has a "strong feeling" she's headed for the Final Two, but Jason tells Danielle he might want to keep Amy around, thinking that the other HouseGuests would be less likely to give her the money at the end. Still unaware of Jason's alliance with Danielle, Amy thinks he is making his own decisions. Danielle wants Jason to make the call between Lisa and Amy, but still wants him to come to her so they can discuss it. While gazing at the Photo Wall, each of the remaining Houseguests get pensive and nostalgic. Lisa is reminded of how much she misses Eric, while Danielle is reminded of her strategy entering the game: Protect those who will protect you. In a private moment, Jason tells Danielle that his family will be proud of him for their alliance, and that his goal was to find someone in the House who was his opposite to ally with. Danielle says in the Diary Room that the secret of their success was keeping their bond quiet, which allowed them t