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老大哥(美版) (Big Brother (US))(5.3)

第3季第24集 BB3 Ep #24(0.0)

播出日期: 2002-08-31
HALFWAY HOME After Gerry's departure, Jason says it was "very sad to see the Dad of the family go." Marcellas realizes that he would have been gone early in the game if Gerry hadn't used the Veto Power to save him the first week. Amy is also in shock, but more over the headfake Julie Chen gave when reading the eviction. In the kitchen, the remaining HouseGuests realize they're at the halfway point of the game, and give themselves a round of applause. Roddy says he wanted to win this last HoH Competition to ensure his own safety, but Amy "couldn't be happier" that Marcellas won. She refers to herself as the "First Lady" of the BIG BROTHER House, until Roddy takes her aside and tells her that title makes other people uncomfortable. He indicates that it marks her as a partner to Marcellas, and reminds her of what has befallen BB3's other couples. Inside, Marcellas tells Danielle that Roddy thinks Amy has influence over him, but she doesn't. Marcellas is upset that Amy often "funnels infor