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老大哥(美版) (Big Brother (US))(5.3)

第3季第23集 BB3 Ep #23(0.0)

播出日期: 2002-08-29
TEACHER GETS EXPELLED 4-0 Gerry opens what could be his last day in the BIG BROTHER House with a quote from Winston Churchill: "You can lose every battle but the last one." He adds that he is aware of the generation gap between himself and the other HouseGuests and is aware that it has affected his performance in the game. Roddy sits with Gerry in the hammock and rehashes the demise of all alliances in the game, from the all-girl and all-guy groups to the couples and the original hot tub alliance. Gerry recalls Roddy's statement that in the game, memories fade, but points out that he remembers that Roddy was a component in almost all the alliances that existed. In the Diary Room, Marcellas says, "perception is everything," while Gerry tells Roddy that the perception is that he's smarter than everyone else in the House. Gerry adds, with no disrespect intended, "You're not." As Marcellas says, though, perception is everything, and Lisa says she thinks that everyone will be going after Ro