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老大哥(美版) (Big Brother (US))(5.3)

第3季第21集 BB3 Ep #21(0.0)

播出日期: 2002-08-24
JASON SPARES THE ROD-DY Chiara's departure has hit the HouseGuests hard. Amy says she feels like a "horrid home wrecker," but wishes everyone would realize they were playing a game and "not Love Connection." Lisa is upset because Chiara asked her while leaving why Lisa didn't vote for her to stay. Roddy asks Jason to open his bag and see what Chiara left for him: a security blanket she's had since she was a young child. Roddy cries, but says he's "proud to be close enough" to Chiara for her to give him something so important to her. With the rest of the House in a stupor over the eviction, Marcellas tells Danielle and Lisa, commiserating in the Map Room, that Chiara "did dirt" to Lisa, to him, and would have done it to Danielle if she had the chance. Danielle feels confident in Jason as the new HoH, and says she had to try and act calm after he won, even though she was overjoyed. Taking in the perks of power, Jason says he's looking forward to sleeping in a real bed, since he's been us